Build the tomato house yourself – Tomatoe Planting – #build #house #planting …

Build the tomato house yourself – Tomatoe Planting – #build #house #planting …


Build the tomato house yourself – Tomatoe Planting – #build #house #planting #Tomatenpflanzen

22 Uses for Herbs That Will Make You Want to Start a Herb Garden

You hear people constantly say, “.” Yet, it leaves you wondering why because most people don’t use enough herbs to justify growing herbs.

I grow a herb garden every year. It’s a beautiful addition to my property, and I do enjoy using herbs from time to time.

However, a few years into it, I began asking myself why I was growing a herb garden. I began researching additional uses for herbs and started making my herb garden an asset to my property instead of simply, “something you do.”

If you’re wondering what the point is behind a herb garden, here are a few reasons for using herbs and making your herb garden work for you:

1. Infused Oils

using herbs for infused oilsusing herbs for infused oils

One of the first things which come to mind when growing herbs is gorgeous and fragrant oil. Whether you use them as body oils or oils to cook with, you’ll be glad you have herbs on hand to make as much as you desire.

Infused oils make wonderful DIY presents, and they look gorgeous as kitchen décor in clear bottles.

2. Like Butter?

using herbs in butter is excellentusing herbs in butter is excellent

When I go to restaurants, I love it when they bring the bread out and serve delicious herbal butter with it.

Why wait until you’re dining out? When you grow your own herbs, you can make herb butter and incorporate them into your bread recipes or place a dollop on grilled meats.

3. Herb Jellies and Syrups

When you plant certain crops, you find yourself searching for and making a variety of recipes you probably wouldn’t have thought of before planting these crops.

Herbs fall into this category. When you plant them, you suddenly realize they aren’t only for garnish. You can make herb jellies and herbal syrups too.

4. The Chickens Love Them

using herbs as chicken fodder is also an ideausing herbs as chicken fodder is also an idea

If you have chickens, they’ll be glad you grow herbs. My chickens enjoy munching on them as a fresh bit of greenery.

Plus, you can place them in their nesting boxes. This helps to run unwanted pests away and keep your chickens healthier.

5. Herbal Body Soap

Do you enjoy making your own soap? It’s nice to add the ingredients you like, skip the ones you don’t, and be fully in the loop as to what’s in the soap.

You can add herbs to your soap recipes for a fresh scent. There are even some soap recipes which were created with herbs in mind. Embrace your herbs and start making your own herbal soaps.

6. Herbal Décor

Making your own home décor is a big money saver, and it also allows you to decorate your home exactly as you wish.

Try using herbs to make your own wreath. It will be a gorgeous addition to your home, and it adds fresh scent wherever you hang it.

7. Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair with store-bought products can feel like an endless cycle because they strip your hair of its natural oils only to add the oils back at the end of the wash cycle.

Why not skip all the fuss and create your own hair rinse? It requires a few different herbs, but it forms a herbal vinegar which creates healthy hair naturally.

8. Smell Like Your Herbs

While you’re washing your hair in herbs, you might as well figure out how to make your own herbal perfume too.

This will allow you to smell of fresh herbs all the way around. Not to mention, you’ll know what you’re spraying on yourself.

9. Fire Starters

Your mind may not go directly to herbs when trying to figure out a great, natural fire starter. However, you should consider them.

Herb fire starters are great because they can be easily made, and they can also help keep bugs away if having a gathering around your firepit.

10. DIY Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a necessary part of laundry because they give clothes a fresh scent while working some of the static cling out of them.

Instead of spending a fortune on dryer sheets, consider making them yourself. You can put fresh herbs in a pillowcase and seal it. Toss the pillowcase in the dryer, and you have DIY dryer sheets with herbs.

11. Herbal Dish Soap

Washing dishes isn’t my favorite thing, but it certainly beats having a dirty sink. Did you know herbs can come in handy with this chore too?

You use the herbs to infuse the homemade dish soap. It will give your dishes a lovely scent without using synthetic chemicals.

12. Bath Salts

using herbs in the bath can be very relaxingusing herbs in the bath can be very relaxing

Do you enjoy soaking in a hot bath? I didn’t know what an awesome product Epsom salt was until I started using it to soak sore muscles.

The next time you take a hot bath, try using herbs and Epsom salt both. It will help you feel and smell better naturally.

13. Herbal Medicine

Herbs are great for many things, but you may not be familiar with how they can help with common ailments.

If you find yourself suffering from inflammation or a mild headache, consider putting your medicinal herbs to the test.

14. Give Pests and Bugs the Boot

Pests and bugs don’t like many herbs. Mint is a big herb which drives away a variety of unwanted guests in or around your home.

If you have a root cellar or another area where mice and bugs tend to be drawn to, consider drying your herbs in these areas, or using herbs to make a spray where you can spritz the area with the scent of the herbs.

15. Herbs in Your Salad

Do you enjoy salad? The ingredients are easily grown, even if you don’t have much grow space. Salads are good for you too.

If you get tired of the same old traditional salads, try adding your herbs into the mix. It’ll give extra nutrients and flavor.

16. DIY Salad Dressing

using herbs in salad dressing is a match made in heavenusing herbs in salad dressing is a match made in heaven

Herbs aren’t only great for going in your salad. They’re great for going on your salad. Instead of sticking with your same basic dressings try mixing things up a bit.

Homemade herb dressings don’t require much time to make and can be a great way to step up the flavor of a traditional salad.

17. Cook with Herbs

We’ve all heard we should cook with herbs, but what does this mean beyond garnishing a dish? You can use herbs in a ton of creative ways.

A few ideas are incorporating them into fritters, you can use them when making a homemade tart, make delicious herb sauces, or make a tasty whole roasted herb chicken.

18. Herbal Pesto

Pesto is an obvious way for using herbsPesto is an obvious way for using herbs

We all know herbs make a great pesto, though basil is the common ingredient in most traditional pesto sauces.

However, you can use a variety of other herbs to make a delicious homemade pesto sauce such as cilantro, mint, and parsley.

19. Make Your Own Bouquets

Herbs are most commonly thought of in the kitchen, but they can be used in other ways outside of culinary purposes.

They make great home décor items all the way down to a flower bouquet. Add a unique scent and a gorgeous look by incorporating herbs into your fresh cut flowers.

20. Herbal Potpourri


Making your own potpourri is a great way to save money, add a touch of home to your house, and add a nice scent to your home as well.

Get outside of the box when making your own potpourri. Incorporate your herbs into the mix and see if this could be your new favorite use for a herb garden.

21. Infuse Simple Syrup

Our last stop on this fun exploration of different ways to utilize herbs from the garden is to infuse simple syrup with herbs.

You can use the syrup when sweetening cold tea, hot tea, or other recipes where you’d use traditional simple syrup. This will add a different but fresh flavor to some of your favorite recipes.

22. Herbal Teas

While speaking of sweetening teas, let's not forget the fun of creating your own herbal teas and infusions, with the flavors and fragrances you love to experiment with.

There are over 20 different ways of using herbs fresh from the garden. You don’t have to limit yourself to cooking in order to get the best use out of them.

Instead, jump outside of the proverbial box and consider new ways to use herbs. It may surprise you, and possibly give you a whole new appreciation for fresh herbs.

To get you started, consider a vertical herb garden, an indoor herb garden, these perennial herbs for long-term value, and then enjoy all your flavorsome creations!

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